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Titchfield Bonfire Boys Society (TBBS) exists to put on the annual Titchfield Carnival, the history of which you can read on this website. This takes place on the first Sunday of the autumn half-term.

The Committee are a dedicated body of volunteers who not only take on all the organisation of Carnival day, but throughout the year raise the funds with which to do so. Our aim is to have the maximum of fun whilst so doing, and we try and vary all our fund raising activities with the village and the wider community in mind.

We are always looking for volunteers and we have a wide range of skills in our midst, which we are always pleased to increase with new members. The Carnival has never made a profit yet(!), but because we fund raise as well, we like to give something back to village organisations when we can, and recently we have given money to the over 70s for Christmas, helped with the funds of the Community Luncheon Club, purchased a steel pan for the primary school and helped towards kayaks for the Sea Scouts.

TBBS News and Events

Registration for Carnival day Classic Car show and Cavalcade now open

This is the 3 rd year we have been running the Titchfield Carnival classic car show organised by Chris Cook and Titchfield Bonfire boys as part of Carnival Day. This has been a great addition to the Carnival event over the last 2 years, and we really appreciate your support, time & effort in making […]


2015 Entry form

Hi!   Please Make sure you use THIS entry form, instead of the 2o14 one in the media section, it is due to be changed but we are experiencing technical issues. Carnival Entry form for Titchfield Carnival 2015 Revised Final (2) Thanks


Titchfield Bonfire Boys announce their 2015 Carnival Queen Hannah Moorhouse

Hannah Moorhouse yesterday was selected at the annual titchifeld Bonefire boys Village Fayre asĀ  Titchfield Carnival Queen. Hannah will crowned and start her reign on Canrival Day Sunday 25th October 2015.


Build your own Carnival Float

A few tips for building a fantastic float...

To begin with, you need a clear idea of what you want to build, there are some old favourites such as Snow White, and quite commonly we have entries from recent films. A simple idea is to pick on a theme and build around it.

How you can help

How you can help...

The TBBS simply cannot function without volunteers from the local area...

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How you can help

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All the forms you need to register a float in any category, walkers, cluds, pubs, business etc..
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carnival has been running...

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